TANTRA FOR ALL – Sex, Love and the Power of Presence

In this course we will practice the quality of presence applied to our whole life and in particular to our desire to be intimate in all planes, sexually, lovingly, etc …

The quality of presence begins by getting rooted in the body and recognizing the consciousness that inhabits it and the energy that moves it. With this recognition begins a journey of liberation of patterns and blocks so that your energy flows with freedom.

The relationship between consciousness and energy opens the doors to realize what prevents you from fully living the embodied reality of this moment.

The vital energy is expressed in us as sexual, emotional energy, power to do and manifest, creative capacity, love, bliss, primordial vibration. If we grant space and presence to its flow and happening, it reveals the mystery of life itself.

When we bring presence and create space to realize, we first realize the things we do mechanically, driven by unconscious or habitual emotions and beliefs. We realize how uncomfortable, the rigidity, the painful feelings that we have stored in the basement of our unconscious and that prevent us from relaxing in the body and intimate with ourselves and with others.

Once confronted with presence and with permission for their expression, we began to have space to feel ourselves, to feel, not to think! in this moment without manipulating us, nor judging us, nor pushing us to meet expectations.

It is then when the joy becomes tangible, when you begin to live from your truth relaxed and alone in relationship.

Most of our sexual dysfunctions and emotional suffering come from a lack of relaxation and presence and from an excess of past emotions and expectations and fears installed in our belief system.

During these days of the course we will explore with active and contemplative meditation techniques, demonstration classes, breathing techniques, therapeutic sessions, tantric exercises, games, massages, sessions of self-discovery and emotional cleansing.



PLACE: ESPACIO ENCUENTRO – C/ Doctor Cortezo, 17, 28012 Madrid.

+ INFO & BOOKING: info@tantrawithastiko.com – 691813589





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