BARCELONA – 10th to 17th AUGUST 2020


Summer intensive for the practice of the circle of light and the release of emotional and physical tensions that prevent the free flow of vital energy. Regaining the body of joy.


The circle of light is a meditation technique that offers the tantric path that has the purpose of joining the lower part of the body with the upper part.


This is a very powerful alchemical process because this union is the union of the earth with the sky, of the unconscious with the consciousness, of sex with love, of the incarnated with the spirit, of the animal with the human.


In our body a space is created that allows the energies of the sacrum to connect to the subtle energies of the heart and circulate freely.


“There are two different energies of love: One is in the upper part of the body and the other in the lower part. The upper part of the body vibrates with a very fine energy that in the case of women is felt especially between the plexus and the breasts. It is the sweetest of the physical energies of love in women. It requires a tender treatment, that does not know time, it has to feel the silent presence of the timeless. It is the constant yearning for purity, beauty, unconditional love. This is the superior pole of love.

The lower pole, below the waist, is centred on the genitals, its energy is always present on the sacrum, the spine, the thighs, the legs, even if you never stay quiet enough and listen to the clear and constant sensation of that energy .

When you perceive it in the present without emotion interfering or without establishing sexual connections, you can feel it with as much purity as the love of the higher pole, although it is more tangible, more intense. This energy arising from the very earth, is pure vitality or vital force, before we translate them with sexual or emotional connotations. Few men and women possess the upper part of the body integrated with the lower part.

When the whole system flows freely, great joy happens.

This union of the feminine and masculine, divine and earthly, gives rise to a single current of divine love that expresses itself through the incarnated, of the bodies.”

Barry Long: Making love


For these energies to converge within you, it is necessary to bring awareness, relaxation, expansion and fluidity to the body.


Many thought patterns, emotions of undigested memories, embarrassments, shocks, etc … block our vital and loving energy and seal it in the muscular shell. The diaphragm tightens and separates the upper part of the lower one and we move in blocks without fluidity and naturalness. This is the cause of many sexual blockages, rapid ejaculation, the difficulty of indulging in an orgasm, anxiety when intimate, lack of energy or excess, etc …


Once we have recognized our patterns and let ourselves feel and welcome the emotions that we have not allowed to express themselves, we enter the body to unlock the diaphragm and other segments of it so that the growing energy within you finds space to expand through all the body and can fill all the glands.


Breathing, vibrating, expressing and massaging will invite you to become aware of how much more fluid your body can be when you offer it a space to release the emotional past and give it the freedom to express itself without mental judgment.


That is when we truly awaken the body of joy and we know ourselves aware that we are the very flow of love and self-conscious energy.


Being more and more present and conscious, we become more sensitive with ourselves, which allows us to renew our relationship with pleasure and sensuality, and with the flow of the other.


In that presence we can recognize and feel the energy in its journey through the body and expand it and circulate it between the sex, the heart and beyond, between your passion and your tenderness, your fire and your vulnerability, between the man and the woman so that it transforms into joy, love, creativity and ecstasy.


For this we will practice the circle of light, a tantric meditation that allows us to experience the flow of vital energy through the body to fill it with vitality and reconnect the energies of the lower body, sacrum, genitals and legs with the delicate energies of the part upper body, plexus, heart, breasts.


Finally you will discover how the dimension of meditation returns you to your essence from which the true intimacy with yourself, with the other and with life itself, arises.


During these days of the course, we will explore with active meditations, breathing techniques, and bioenergetics, therapeutic sessions of emotional awareness in intimacy, tantric exercises, games, massages, sessions of self-discovery and emotional cleansing, coexistence, contact with nature, surprises … All this supported by a natural environment of great beauty and intimacy, in an intimate and celebrative environment that will give you the opportunity to experience the blissful capacity of your body.


This workshop is a special meeting for those who want to start and deepen in Tantra. We only offer it once a year. You can come alone or with your partner. The only necessary thing is the sincere desire to open your heart, your capacity to surrender to experience, your honesty in front of yourself and your desire to celebrate.



PLACE: LES ERES DE GUARDIOLANS – Crta. de Berga a Ripoll (c-26) km 161,1 – 08613 Vilada

+INFO & BOOKINGS: – 691813589






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