MADRID – 3th APRIL 2020


These classes are designed for you to know, explore and practice the profound techniques and teachings passed on by the tantric path.

They are designed so that you can explore your nature, your fire, your sensuality and your ability to relate from your own center in a warm, responsible, conscious and loving environment. As tantra is mainly related to sexual therapy or a way to improve your sexuality, you are often confronted with the fear of having to expose yourselves intimately feeling unprepared or unsupported.

It is true that we will explore our sensuality, our relationship with our body; we will also seek a state of relaxation and understanding all the energies that move us as human beings. You will do this at your own pace and always treating yourselves with the utmost respect.

The essence of tantric teaching is that by getting to know yourself, by enjoying your body as the temple of being, by embracing your contradictions and your emotions, you can then relate to others from your center with love.

First you fall for your own energy, your own individuality and after you allow this love to be shared. We will use meditations and techniques from different tantric schools and contemporary therapies for releasing, relaxing and centering your energy.

Although Tantra teaching includes the sexual aspect of our human nature among many other things, the classes are designed for everyone to explore their inner nature in a relaxed, simple and respectful manner. We rely on the loving observation of the self, alone and interacting with others. We bring awareness to the way you relate to your body, to your senses, your feelings, your heart and to your soul.

At all times, your needs and your boundaries are respected. No nudity is required or unwanted contacts or none of that which is wrongly assumed for lack of information.


“Tantra is a game, the game of life. It is a highly evolved form of love. Loving is playing! ” OSHO





She came to Tantra in 2012 and discovered in his deep techniques the path he so longed to expand his heart, listen to its truth, respect it and feel freedom. So in 2015 she embarked on the formation to continue deepening, loving and meditating with her teacher Astiko, and immensely grateful to her, now expand this path of love and consciousness.









INFO AND REGISTRATIONS: Write to us at tantrawithamala@gmail.com and we will inform you of how to register for the class.






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