09th and 10th of June – Madrid: LIVING LOVE AND SEX AS A MEDITATION: The power of consciousness in relation to energy

Sex transferred to the head is sexuality, thinking about sex is sexuality. Living it with full awareness and naturalness, with intense totality and presence, leads you to transcend, it takes you beyond, opens you to dimensions of the spirit, opens the door to ecstasy.

Whatever you do, do it with your whole being, with totality, with the fire of your presence, even sex. Do not divide, allow all your bioenergy to be involved, don’t allow your head to go to one side, your body on the other and your heart to the other, don’t be divided in the past, in the future.”

OSHO. Tantra, spirituality and sex.


In this moment in our society sex has become mostly sexuality. Because of the need to control this intense and sweeping force that creates life, to shape it, to channel it, to name it and understand it, dogmas, religions, prohibitions, ideas, repressions, and others have been created that have led us to a sickly misunderstanding of this vital force that has led to a collective neurosis that we already assume as something natural.

It is not natural to divide the sex from the heart, just as it is not natural, to divide the legs of the trunk. This division creates neurosis, a feeling of constant dissatisfaction and a feeling of lack and division. Something that is happening to the individual in our society and to the whole society as a whole.

Men and women who love each other in presence and totality with their whole being, are complete men and women, who develop their creativity, who do not get lost in greed, in wars, in unnecessary fears.

Sex with total awareness, which would be the same as saying, living your life energy with totality brotherhoods you with love and death, teaches you to dissolve, to surrender your barriers, to live to your full potential.

– We will explore sexual fantasies by becoming aware of the energy that is unconsciously tied to them.

– We will learn to free our energy from all unconscious repression bringing awareness and presence.

– You will learn to recognize the hidden and repressed emotions in your sexuality and your loving intimacy and to give them the freedom to flow and free themselves.

-We will explore the power of our presence in our physical and emotional bodies.

– You will discover the beauty of making love in deep meditation.

– We will use techniques and meditations that you can include in your daily life.

– Each one will follow their own rhythm and the needs and limits of each other will be respected at all times.


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