This month I would like to invite you to try a meditation from the Vighyan Bhairav Tantra, the school of thought transmitted by Osho, to mark the eclipse, the end of winter and the female uterus.


The sutra says:

On a dark night, enter into the darkness as a form of all forms. Be a witness of that darkness and melt into it. Know it as the form of all forms! Your form is dissolved therein. The Book of Secrets by Osho

Shiva recommends practicing this technique on a dark night without stars or any lighting.

Create total darkness in a room. It is important that there is complete absence of light! The absolute absence of light can be a primary source of relaxation and inner nourishment. Osho comments on the darkness and meditation in the dark:

Why are we afraid of the dark? Why we associate the light with life and the darkness with death? Life appears through the light and when you die you seem to dissolve into eternal darkness, so we paint the death black and black is the colour of mourning. God is light and death is darkness!

All these are only our projected fears! In fact the darkness contains the infinite and the light delimits, it presents the limits. Darkness is the womb from which everything emerges and where everything returns.

The Essenes regarded the darkness as such. This point of view is very beautiful and healing, in fact, if you love darkness, you begin to lose the fear of death. If you enter the darkness and lose your fear, you will find a deep and total relaxation. If you become one with the darkness, you dissolve, it is surrender. Then there is no fear, because if you have melted into the darkness you will also know how to melt into death. Then you will understand that death, as we imagine it, does not exist. Darkness is the unlimited; there is no death in the dark. The light is born and goes out, the darkness space within which the light arises simply is, it is immortal and infinite. All forms emerge from the darkness and return to it. Whole worlds are created in this space of darkness and disappear into it. Darkness is the womb, the matrix, the cosmic matrix. The absolute and immaculate silence reigns in that darkness. OSHO

With your eyes open, sit quietly in a place completely without light and allow the darkness to get into you with each inhalation. Allow it to enter through your eyes, your ears, your skin. Fill yourself with that darkness, until you perceive it inside and outside of you.

After 20 minutes of presence at least, with your eyes open, inhaling and exhaling darkness, allowing the exhalation to be long and the diaphragm to relax completely before inhaling, I invite you to close your eyes and lie down.

Relax the body completely, the darkness and you are one; merge into the cosmos, return to the matrix of all things and have a restoring rest.

If you do it before you go to sleep, let yourself get into deep sleep; if you choose another time I invite you to come out of it with a soft music that enables your body to celebrate its shape and light after diving into the vast matrix!

A hug to everyone,