From having an orgasm to being orgasmic. Understanding our internal polarity.

Everything that is manifested has an electromagnetic nature that oscillates between dynamism and receptivity, between what it emits and what it absorbs.

Nature designed men and women as complementary forces of dynamism and receptivity. This does not mean that a man is only dynamic and a woman only receptive, but what is receptive in women, is dynamic in the body and psyche of men and vice versa. That which is receptive in men is dynamic in women. This means that in each of us, men or women, the two energies are represented in different places.

For a man, the heart area is receptive and his sex is dynamic and emissive. However, for a woman, her heart is emissive or dynamic and her sex is receptive and absorbing.

That is why a man is usually more ready for the sexual act and a woman to fall in love. It is because it is necessary to load the positive pole first so that this energy may then flow into the receptive pole. That is to say, women prepare for sex through their heart and breasts, and men become ready for love from their sexual energy.

This means that within each of us there is a masculine and feminine nature as if we were a magnet with two opposing polarities that attract each other.

When we get together with the opposite sex, an electromagnetic circuit between the sex and the heart of a woman and a man is created. This circuit allows energy to circulate between the two, creating an electromagnetic current that nourishes, opens the heart and allows the body electricity to regenerate generating vitality, light and ecstasy.

When there is no-one with whom to share the body and the heart, the good news is that this polarity exists also within you. Between your sex and your heart there is a current. If you open up to it through your breathing and experience it consciously, it puts you in touch with your orgasmic nature.

If you are a man and you keep your presence in your genitals, allowing it to expand towards the hara and from there to the solar plexus, embracing it in the heart, you will begin to feel like all your energy potential unfolds with strength, clarity and power flowing into the space of the heart that touches, softens and prepares it for a clear and loving expression. This energy serves to work, to project, to love, to live in general. It harmonizes your dynamism and emissivity with your receptivity and ability to absorb.

If you are a woman and meditate in the space around your breasts and connect with your heart from there, you will perceive how the silent and loving energy of the feminine grows and spills over the plexus, belly and vagina, creating a loving and welcoming environment allowing you to spread your vitality out in a loving and focused way at the same time. It also harmonizes your receptivity with your emission capacity.

In this course we will explore this polarity with breathings, meditations and tantric path techniques.

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