13TH TO 19TH OF AUGUST – LLIRIA (VALENCIA): THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT: Tantra and mindfulness during intimacy

THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT: Sex, Vulnerability and Intimacy Relating through love and freedom


Tantra and mindfulness during intimacyWith Astiko and Bruno

All of us long for intimate and sexual relationships that are nurturing, fulfilling orgasmic and enriching.However, they sometimes become a very fustrating exchange during which we lose our presence due to fears and expectations.

We will look into how we may create or avoid true intimacy with ourselves and others, and if we are able to maintain contact with ourselves or we forget ourselves while focusing on the other.

This will allow us to become aware of the dynamics and patterns at  an energetical and psychological level. By observing of the unconcious patterns we use as a means to obtain love, by embracing them with compassion while being present, ready to feel our vulnerability, makes us permeable to love and spirit. It takes us back again to our ecstatic essence. This will open doors to new alternatives that are joyful, nurturing and expansive and which support a true and deep intimacy.

We will also learn our dynamics in sexual intimacy by exploring the three levels in a sexual relationship. From excitement and passion,  to trust and relaxation, through the integration of our emotional wounds and vulnerability.

Only then can we awaken to the full enjoyment of the body and we can make love in the flow of energy and love, instead of pretending or acting to keep up.

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