07th of March – Barcelona: EMBODYING LOVE – Women’s gathering

This meeting is dedicated to understanding the difference between our emotions, our romantic desires and the essence of love.

The feminine embodies love and as such, it is an innate women’s responsibility to understand this essence and what it means living a heart-centred life. The sacred space of the heart is not something we have to learn. We only need to remember what is inherent in us and fight our way through the tangle of emotionality, through the wounds acquired in dealing with the masculine to return to the space that has always been our consciousness of love.

Emotions show up in polarity, are changing and powerful and tint our consciousness to such an extent that make us slaves. Love is a constant state, when you recognize it in yourself, you become free and dignified again so that the glow of your intrinsic beauty does not fade away even when you feel pain.

In this way you stop being a victim of your romantic desires and your co-dependency with the masculine, then able to love him freely and to teach him how to love with his soul and integrity.


“Make love for love, only for love. And when you are making love do not expect anything beyond that moment. If there is not enough love in your partner, quit; do not make love. I’m talking especially to you women!” Barry Long


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